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Repair manuals for tablets manufactured by Samsung, running operating systems other than Android.

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Screen flashing playing certain games online

Why does my screen flash on and off while playing online games?

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Keith Adamson does it do that if you are not playing games?


What certain games?


My screen only flashes on one game only


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Have you updated the version of android on the tablet / phone recently? Do you play games through the browser? Does it do the same thing when its playing videos? Could there be an application causing the problem (Look at running applications and see whats running when you have the problem)?

There are a few dozen possibilities so more information is going to be required. In the meantime...

A few possible fixes for typical screen flashing / dimming / blurring issues.

Potential Fix one:

Go to settings >> More Tab >> About device.

Find "Build number" and click 6 times fast on it.

You will then get the message saying: "You are now a developer"

Come back to Home Screen, and then go back to Settings >> More Tab >> Now you will see the "Developer Options"

Now go to Developer options >> Drawing Section or Rendering Section >> Find "Turn off hardware overlays" or "disable hardware overlays" >> This will force the phone / Tablet to always use GPU for screen compositing

Potential Fix Two:

Deselect Adaptive Brightness to Fix Flashing Screen

Goto Settings >> Display >> Brightness.

Deselect the option "Automatic/Adaptive brightness".

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Automatic brightness, adaptive mode is on, you need to turn it off in the display settings. If you like playing games, especially mod apk games, you can refer to Apkmouse, this is the homepage

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Yes ,when iam playing free fire I having problem like blueflashes on my screen

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