My Phone is completele Dead. Help!

Hello! I have a one year old Xiaomi Mi Note and I have encountered the following problem. I needed to take some pictures and the phone closed as soon as I took one photo. I pluged it in and it showed 23% battery so I disconnected it and tried to take the picture again. The phone shut down again. As it was kind of an emergency to take that photo I lost my temper and threw the phone on the floor. It has a book like case so nothing happened to it. I plugged it in again and it showed me 1% battery so I let it recharge. After it was completely recharged I tried to take the picture I needed again but the camera wouldn"t work. It kept telling me that in could not connect to the camera and to try again later. I thought it was because I had hit it but I said I have nothing to lose if I tried a factory reset so I did that. I tried a few times to set my account and finally succeded after the factory reset and it worked very well, except for the camera which kept telling me the same couldn't connect message, so I decided to take the phone to a repair shop. I gave it another factory reset as I didn't want any of my information on it when I gave it to the shop. The next day I went to the shop but my phone was now stuck on the MI logo. I left it at the shop and waited for their call which didn't come. I went there for the first time and they told me they installed thhe firmware and the phone worked well but the camera still didn't work so they wanted to try an older version of firmware. after a couple of days I went back to ask about my phone and they told me that they tried with another firmwae version but the phone is dead and now they cannot fix it unless they manage to find another identical phone. They say that the firmware installs up to 50% and gets stuck there and this is because of the shock when I hit it.

could someone please tell me if there is any hope , what should I do?

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