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A headphone piece broke off into the input.

A headphone piece broke off into the input jack on my ipod 4 and I can't get it out. How do I fix this?

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you can try and find something a little smaller than your head phone plug and hold your phone horizontal and use some crazy glue to glue it to the piece that is still attached. Make sure of course that you do not get any into the jack. You can also try to use some very small surgical tweezers if you still have enough to get a grip on. Otherwise you may have to replace the jack. Good Luck.

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Thank you for the crazy glue idea, it worked!!

The last two days I went from the Apple store, to Best Buy. Home Depot looking for small needle nose plyers. Even went to a watch repair shop, hoping that they could get the small broken piece out of the jack. I wasn't sure about the crazy glue, was scared that i would put to much glue....but it worked!! Thank you sooo much, you saved me from having to send in for repair, or having to buy a new one...


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If you were like me, s^&* up a creek without a paddle and Verizon/Apple saying to go fly a kite, take a listen...

I was walking along and my sound went out on my headphones, ended up seeing that there was a clean defect and split vertically at the end of my headphones at the jack, causing it to break off because of weakness. This resulted in my headphone jack breaking off inside the iPhone. There was a small piece i yanked at to get it out because it was above the surface, but only that piece came out. I was immediately sweating.

I tried the glue and many tutorials on YouTube, to no avail...i finally said screw it, if i cant listen to sound at least i dont have to blare my speakerphone to make a phone is what i did:

1.) Get a micro-screwdriver set, one good for working on electronics, and make sure if you have very tiny flatheads in there (you should)

2.) If the broken end in the iPhone is below the surface, push it as far down as you can (i know this is against logic but listen)

3.) Get the smallest of the flatheads, peel off the white plastic until it is below the metal (work the flat head in a circular motion to scrape off the plastic)

4.) Get the flathead as far down on one side as you can and pry off the circular metal fitting that is purely cosmetic (DO NOT LOSE OR BREAK/BEND THAT PIECE!!!)

5.) This will give you enough room to work off the rest of the white plastic, or at least get a very tiny size pry bar and plyers in there to yank it out

Granted, i used my friends set which he uses for dental school, but getting that metal washer off increases your chances of getting the broken end out.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way, shape, or form responsible if you damage your iPhone, and no one else is. This worked great for me, but is not guaranteed to work great for everyone.

Hope this helps!!!

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