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LCD Is Dark After Being Replaced

I replaced the LCD on my iMac G5 17" (A1058) with the LCD from another iMac, but I don't know exactly what kind of iMac it came from, but I know it did not come from the exact same model as my iMac because they did not look the same from the back, and the replacement screen had something attached to it on the side that was not on the original screen being replaced. It was a thin long circuit board like thing with a connector of some kind coming off each end of it that connected to the two connectors on the LCD. I removed that piece and replaced the screen. After I replaced the screen the computer turned on normally, but the screen was completely black.

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What would have been truly amazing is if it had worked. Kind of like finding a tire and just because it’s a tire putting it on your car (after removing part of it) and expecting it to work. If you ever expect things to work after you attempt a repair use the parts that the machine was built to work with. Macgyver was a fantasy with a team of writers, this is real life. According to EXACTLY which G5 17” iMac you have the 1.6GHz or one of the 1.8 GHZ machines. The correct part could be the 661-3598 or the 661-3626. Get the number from the old LCD and replace it with exactly the same part if you expect it to work. But your problem may not have been the LCD, it could have been the inverter or cabling. You have to diagnose the problem correctly to ascertain what the problem is before attempting a repair. First hook it up to an external monitor to start to isolate the problem.

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+ I guess it never seizes to amaze me how some people think. It's the right spirit but the wrong approach and the expectations is that it must work :-)


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