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Repair your Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner with a part replacement guide.

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Why is my motor making a high pitched noise

My Dyson DC14 is jacking a high pitched sound and not sucking at at all. It sounds like the engine us running but not angaging somehow...

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If your Dyson vacuum is emitting an unusual smell, see the Dyson Ball Animal Emits Unusual Smell or Noise problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Sounds like you have a clog. Try taking the bottom apart and cleaning the rollers and brushes out. Also, check the hose for an obstruction.

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It seems the dyson upright animal filterless motors only last 2 years. If I'm going spend more than $500 or $600 for a vacuum like this, then I expect it to last about 10 years. No matter how much I empty and wipe the motor and canister clean each and everytime I vacuum, considering we actually have not pets at home (I clean on a weekly basis), then I think it's time to move on. I am so disappointed with Dyson. I will look elsewhere for a vacuum that matches its cost in terms of effectivity and durability.

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