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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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When I hold the power button only the fans turn on

I unscrewed the the bottom of the laptop to dust it off and when I screwed it back the laptop won't turn on except for the fans

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Did you ever find a solution to this? I just ran into the same issue


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What did you use to dust it off? Canned air can cause liquid damage, compressed air can have water in the line or be too strong. A vacuum can give of a static discharge. I use an electric blower, and a tooth brush.

Update (12/27/2017)

Also try unplugging the laptop and removing the battery and holding the power button down to discharge the electricity.

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I used a feather duster to dust off the whole thing and a toothbrush for the fans


did you ever find a solution to this? I just ran into the exact issue without even taking it apart to clean out


i fixed it by unplugging the battery and then re-plugging it again. you're gonna have to unscrew the bottom of the laptop to do that.


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