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Which thermostat should I buy and how to wire it?

So I have a freezer with a bad thermostat (the contact wont close when it gets hot unless I hit it)

the thing is the thermostat has 4 pins

It works like this

The green light is always on

The red light turns on if the temperature is too high to safely store food

And the yellow light turns on when you hit the fast freeze button(which based on the wiring it just bypasses the thermostat)

I already bought a thermostat and it works but the upper temperature (when the compressor kicks in) is too high and everything melts and after reading the box it says its for 2 door fridges (its a danfoss thermostat)

The issue I have is that I don't know what type of thermostat I should buy and how to wire it back?

Ive checked on Danfoss website and there are many types and models of thermostats (freezer without signal, freezer with signal and freezer with passive signal or something like that)

Any help would be appreciated

The Freezer in question is an electrolux EFUP195YSKG (220 volt version)

Block Image

Block Image

This is the wiring diagram and a pic of the thermostat

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How about the make and model number of your appliance?


its an electrolux efup195yskg

220V-50Hz version


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@drasp I'd stick with an FSTB thermostat of the KX series. Check for the specs on here and as you can see some of those are adjustable for the right temps.

The Danfoss Thermostat Part Number 077B7006 has the functions as you described so it may fit as well.

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Thank you

Now I have to see if someone sells it


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