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Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are a wireless version of the Beats Solo 2. Released in 2014. Model number: MHNG2AM/A.

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My beats won’t turn on at all. No LED lights turn at at all

My beats are not charging and not turning on. No LED lights at all, even charged overnight and nothing. I have tried resetting but nothing works. Please help!

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@nikkinew not charging and not turning on could be a few things. Check the charging port to make sure it is without any debris or obstruction and check your cable. If all of that checks out okay you want to go ahead and replace the battery. It is possible that the battery no longer accepts/holds a charge. Use this teardown Beats Solo 2 Wireless Teardown to get to it. This will also provide you with a known-well starting point in case more troubleshooting will be necessary

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Link is irrelevant pdf of IC CSR8670 I/O pin suggested use.


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