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An Amazon tablet released in 2014 featuring a 7 inch HD color touchscreen display.

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How to replace front glass?

I would really appreciate a guide on how to replace the front glass for my daughter's 2014 kindle. thank you in advance foe any help.

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This question is in the Amazon fire hd 7 section.


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you are not telling us the exact Kindle that you need help with . The device you picked is the FireHD 7 and you can use this guide Amazon Fire HD 7 (4th Generation) Display Replacement for that

Update (01/08/2018)

matthew santiago you will have to follow the above guide in its entirety. You then need a heat-source like a good hairdryer or a hot air gun at it's lowest settings to soften the adhesive that holds the touch screen to the frame. Soften it with the heat-source and remove the touch screen with same plastic tools like guitar picks etc. Check this video from 7:54 and proceed identically to it.

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I am requesting info on repairing the glass, not the LCD.


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