Took one phone out and now we have a “sometimes” static and can’t hear

I have a Vtech 6629-3 With 4 lines. We also had a 2nd Vtech system with 2 lines. We were able to use both together. We now only have 3phones from the 6629 system in use and one from the other Vtech system in use.

The phones were working just fine for a long time. Then we started having static sometimes. The caller can hear us just fine but we can’t understand them through the static.

If I unplug the phone from the outlet and unplug the phone line and then plug them right back in the problem is fixed. But then, without warning, it happens again. We have to hang up on people and quickly do the unplug-plug back in thing. IF they call back it’s usually ok. But when it’s a recorded message from school or our municipal office we are out of luck

It started after this:

Firstly, our phone line comes in at the bedroom wall. Then each phone jack connects to the other. Master to 2nd bedroom. 2nd bedroom to third bedroom. Third bedroom to kitchen. Kitchen to living room. The living room has the main cordless phone hooked to the modem. We had Comcast when this all started but now have Ooma and have the same issue.

We are remodeling our kitchen and the wall phone was in the wrong spot. So we took it out. We connected the incoming and outgoing lines from that phone together and put twist caps on them and stuck the wires back into the wall. ( We have not yet sealed the hole due to the fact we decided we want to wire the phone on the other side of the kitchen and need to go into the attic to do it, but access is through our bedroom closet which requires shelving and clothes to come out and the bed to be covered in plastic EVERY time we go up we are going to add attic steps in our hallway and THEN head up there and move the phone wires to the other side of the kitchen)

Soon after we took out the kitchen phone we started having this crazy SOMETIMES static issue. It happens at least once a week. Usually to me since I am home all day. It’s very annoying. I’m convinced it had something to do with taking that phone out. We can’t put it back in because someone would walk into it since that space is now a walk-thru area.

The wires are connected properly ( since the phones do work ). So why do we have static since taking out that kitchen phone and how do I fix it?

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