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The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX80 is a compact camera that is capable of capturing sharp photos in all types of light, and also includes Wi-Fi.

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Why is my screen white?

I have some broken cameras at my house, and I bought some parts online to fix them. I received the parts some time ago, but when I replaced the screen for the WX80 and turned it back on, the screen would turn white, but the buttons would still work. I can't remember if the lens would extend or not, though. What is wrong with the camera? Is something wrong with the screen, or is it the main board itself, or is it something else?

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If you bought a bunch of dead cameras it could well be that these are all the ones the seller couldn't fix by swapping parts, or the ones in which he put all the dead parts in from other cameras he managed to fix.

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@pleriche they were my old cameras. I didn't buy them.


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