Freezer Room Temp - Refrig Barely Cool yet Freezing Drinks

Still working (researching-thinking) on my 12 yo Kenmore (M# 253.5568940B). Refrig-Freezer quit working on Jan 1. About 10 days ago, I unplugged it for 18 hours and re-plugged it in but no change.

Today, I turned the dials off for both R&F. Freezer, always makes a soft hum, turned freezer dial down to -0- (off) and hum stopped. I then turned the refrig dial to -0- (off). There was a sound, maybe 2-3 seconds, like air escaping or a blower shutting down and then all quiet. The 'blower' sound came from whatever the bump or section is that's at the top left side of the refrig (has 4-5 slots in the cover/bump). I've left both turned to 'off' for the last 2 hours

Freezer is basically room temp but glass shelves feel a little cool to the touch (rate 2 of 10). Refrig is actually slightly cooler than the freezer and glass shelves feel cool (rate 4 of 10). Food on shelves and in 3 bins at the top of Refrig door are just about room temp yet a 2L bottle of coke in the bottom bin of the door freezes to a 'slush'. First time I noticed this the 2L coke had almost frozen solid.

Appreciate any suggestions on what to check or do next or ideas on the fix.

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