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Gearbox is not working in right way

Hi everybody,

I have Saab 9000 CSE 2.0T/150 model 1996. It was working very nice. But suddenly the gearbox is not working . The car is starting normally but when i put gearbox on D drive it is not going . The complicated thing happend when i change the gear to normall +- the car is going then i back to D type .

Notice ; car`s gearbox is turbo tronic gearbox

If anyone have any idea for this problem or how i fix it .


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hmm... let me call iFixit's resident mechanic, @jimfixer !


Thanks for halping :)


It is possible that the neutral switch has shat itself. This would stop the vehicle working. Failing that, if it is an electronic transmission it could be the Transmission control module. Or possibly a fuse. See if there is a fuse for it first, then check neutral switch.


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Start By checking the fluid levels if possible in the trans . There are low fluid sensors in this gear box that will actually stop the car . aside from that there are a multitude of other possible problems that can stop this trans from working and the best bet to find out is get an OBDII reader that also reads transmission codes . Next, this line puzzles me could you explain this to me "The complicated thing happend when i change the gear to normall +- the car is going then i back to D type " . Do you mean you can shift the car manualy through the gears and it works but it just doesnt work when you use drive ? like to be more help if you can provide more information.

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