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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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Replaced old 60GB Tosiba HDD with 128GB SSD. But, only showing 55.8GB.


In my research to upgrade the iPod Photo 4th gen, I found that 256GB was the limit.

I couldn't find any 256GB 50pin IDE SSDs, so I purchased this:

which lists it as compatible for my iPod.

Only trouble is that the iPod is only showing 55.8GB in the about UI and in iTunes.

I've done the restore iPod in iTunes going by what other people have said and it done that no problem. I've also sync'd a song and that works.

Just the size is not displaying correctly on the iPod or iTunes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So it didn't show 1st time after I done a format iPod in iTunes.

What I done was:

  1. Enable disk mode in iTunes under the iPod settings.
  2. In windows open on file explorerer (Win+E) and go to my PC where it lists all your drives.
  3. Right click in the iPod. And format as EXfat option. Windows will only show the old storage value here.
  4. Choose the quick mode for formatting.
  5. Then, back in iTunes. Run the restore iPod again and plug the iPod into the wall charger.

The windows format may not need to be done. But, these are the steps I used to make it see the SSD space.

It now shows up as 117GB. :)

Block Image

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It could be that the ipod (like most apple products) doesnt want to be upgraded so it won't register the change but the storage should still be there and you should be able to store more, it just won't show it. It's probably a software problem not a hardware one!

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I was thinking it was some form of format issue.


I've have the iPod in disk mode. Perhaps formatting it in exFAT might solve it through Windows? Would that be okay to do so?

Thing is Windows only sees 55.8GB as the capacity too in the format UI!


You could try setting it to EXfat, but I haven't really played around with that kind of format :/


I solved it. I'll write what I did as the marked answer.


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