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Released in 2011, identified by model number: 80-166860, made and sold by Vtech.

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Won't come on even when it's connected to the charger

She has opened played on it for about an hour, tried to play one of the game cartridges she has and the inno tab screen froze. We took out the game cartridge, turned of the inno tab and now it won't come back on again. We have plugged it in to the charger and the green charging light comes on but the inno tab still won't come on even when it is plugged in.

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My child innotab max is on but its saying profile isn't responding I tried to turn it off hold down the buttons to go to factory settings but it keeps coming up with not responding


My. Child’s inno tab has frozen and they can even move there picture to the circle I’m very frustrated


Hey there is a problem in my innotab max

I didnt use it for a year because tab isn't turning on ,when i put my tablet into a charge ..the charging light is on …but its not charging and not turning on …what can i do now??


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Hi @rkelly0313 ,

Try resetting the tab and see if that restores it.

Be aware that this will erase any data that you have saved (not on the SD Card but in the internal memory), as the tablet will be restored to its'factory default condition. It will be like when you first bought it.

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What If it still don't do anything?


Hi @Donna Ballew,

Do you get any indications at all on the tablet when you connect the charger and switch the charger on, or if you connect the tablet to a computer's USB port?


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