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Why does a code is showing and I can not record videos?

When I turn on my camera it displays a code "E:62:10" and I can not record videos.

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Error E: 62: 10 = Error initializing the lens, the image stabilizer block.

Apparently this is a problem with a lot of Sony cameras.

The lens focusing sensor has a problem because of the lens focusing gears are not working properly .

People have successfully tried give the camera (when it is turned off) a couple a sharp taps with the hand on the battery side of the case and this seems to have resolved it.

Otherwise you could take it to a reputable, professional camera repair service (experienced in Sony repairs) and ask for a quote to repair the camera.

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Hi,  This is indeed a very well known problem with a lot of Sony camera's. Read A temporary solution could be available at Hope this helps.

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