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I am very angry

I rarely use the MS Office in my case, because I use other utilities, but one client insisted that the report on his order be executed in MICROSOFT EXCEL. To do this, I bought the MS OFFICE 2016 report was made and when it came time to believe it and send it to my customer, he issued such a mistake;Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources. Help me with solving this problem is very important. I am very angry

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Is the client the one who issued the mistake or is it an office error . Can you post a screenshot of the error. What version of office is the client running ?


You know if you have a hotmail/ account that Excel is free on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with screens less than 10.5", right?


have you tried microsoft support on line


What version of Office are you running? If you are not on Office 2016 then the MS Office 2016 report may not be compatible. If it is compatible then click on the File tab, select Options and check Add-ins to see if an add-in is disabled.


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Check to ensure that both you and your client are using the same version of Office. All MS Office programs are able to save files that can be opened by older versions of Office. If your client has an older version, then save your Excel file as one that is compatible with older versions.

If you are having trouble opening your client's file, check add ons and macros as instructed by earlier commentors.

Good luck!

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