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The Sentra finally crossed over into the "compact" class when the redesigned model launched in late 1999 as a 2000 model.

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RPM Drops to Zero while Driving

RPM Drops to Zero while Driving, releasing X-pedal and car slows down and RPM needle drops to Zero and car starts to Shake/Vibrate.

cleaned throttle body, air flow sensor, changed coil packs, no engine light comes on, changed speed sensor because of misfiring (not changing to 2nd gear).

Didnt service injectors yet, its a bit expensive .

please help me!!

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I own such a car and model This malfunction is for the tps sensor and needs to be re-calibrated and the number is set on the computer number 48 for the automatic car and the number 46 for the vehicle The symptoms of this malfunction are what I mentioned in your question in addition to the violent switching of the gearbox there is a solution to re-calibrate and another solution is the work of Rest For the car computerIt is a temporary and effective solution, and the way to put the key and manage the car key without operating once the Airbag indicator has disappeared. Close the key as soon as you hear a computer click.Repeat the step again - then the third time turn the car engine - now the car computer has been restedطريقة عمل ريست لكمبيوتر السيارة نيسان صني n16

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