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Le successeur du smartphone LG V10, similaire au LG G5, commercialisé le 29 septembre 2016. Le LG V20 se reconnaît aux numéros de modèle F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996 et VS995.

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LG V20 no gps signals

Does anyone know how to fix the LG V20 that can't pickup any GPS signals?

I tried to tighten all of the screws in the back plate, clean the contact terminal (even pushed it up a little bit) and the antenna terminal. In addition, I have tried the Aluminum trick by adding a layer of Aluminum between the antenna's terminal and the phone's contact terminal. None of these tricks fixed the issue. Also, I reset the phone, but no lucks. Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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Major GPS issues. High Accuracy is on.

this is only two months old. LG refuses to warranty because it is an "unlocked" phone! (what??)

Newegg won't help. I am DONE with LG. Never again. My G3 had really bad wifi.

Now really bad GPS. Also LTE cell reception is at least two bars lower than anyone around me is getting on the same network.

I liked this phone for the hi audio quality but bad reception and bad GPS is a deal breaker. Wish I knew this before I bought.

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if you bought a refurb unit likely they put the wrong bezel on the top. takes like 3 minutes to fix. I fixed mine by adding copper tape from this link went from zero satellites to 10+ instantly

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