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My laptop is completely dead, ie does not power on.

While /i was working, the power went off, does not power on. When /i plugged the charger no light coming up on the laptop. I assume the motor is dead

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@jeyaruban10 well it really does not have a motor. You do want to check your AC adapter first. Make sure that it provides power to the computer and thus charges the battery. Use a multimeter and measure the output on the barrel connector. Negative is on the outside and positive on the inside of the barrel. It should be around 10.5 V.

If it does check out ok you will have to disassemble your computer and check the DC-in jack.

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Thank you. There is power coming to the battery pack and from the pack to the laptop. The laptop is fully charged anyway but when I pressed the power on, it just does not power up


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