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LG Aristo MS21O android phone repair and troubleshooting.

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Why can't I download Apps to my phone?

Everytime I go to download an app, it just says download pending.

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It says download pending


I've been having problems with hackers on my phone and stuff and I feel like I don't know if I can trust certain apps how do I trust certain apps and how come it is it that it's I'm having so many complications with my Wi-Fi and stuff and connecting to Wi-Fi and instead of using all my data up how do I make sure for sure that I'm not hacks till and having problems are something with my phone help me please


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Hi @ Jeremy Havis,

Download, install and run this app. It will check your phone for malware.

Download, install and run this app. It will check your phone for viruses.

After both have been run (one at a time) and you are satisfied that there are no more viruses or malware installed in the phone (if there were any), you can delete them from the phone, as to keep them running, especially the anti virus checker may degrade the phone’s performance due to its’ system requirements using a lot of the phone’s resources. The malware checker you may wish to keep installed as you can usually set it to off rather then having it running continually and turn it on when you feel you need to check again. The virus checker wants to run all the time to keep you safe whether you’re online or not ;-)

You can also set the mobile data setting in the phone to disabled to prevent malware programs or viruses etc (if any) using your mobile data connection (not WiFi) in the background without your knowledge. Thereby preventing them from using up your mobile data allowance.

Be aware that if you disable the mobile data setting you cannot go online using the phone network OR send or receive any MMS messages (texts with pictures, videos etc). You can still send and receive SMS messages (ordinary texts) though.

To control the mobile data connection on your phone go to Settings > Networks > Mobile data.

If you wish to use the mobile data connection, to go online or to send/receive a MMS, simply enable the setting and then disable it again when you are finished.

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try this solution

All errors codes of Google Play Store and how to solve them

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Hi @Brandi Sumner,

Can you access the internet OK from your phone?

If not ensure that the “data connection” setting is enabled.

Do you have enough “storage'“ available in the phone to allow for the download?

If you can access the internet OK and assuming that you’ve cleared the Data and Cache areas from the Play Store app as per the link above, try updating the Play Store app and check if this resolves the problem.

To update the app, open the app, then tap Settings > Play Store Version. If there is an update available follow the prompts to update the app and try again

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