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The Huawei Ascend G610 is a 5.0-inch Android smartphone released by Huawei in 2013. The G610 includes models G610-U00 and G610-U20.

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My screen frezzed, please help

I actually have huawei g620 ascend. Battery isn't removable. My screen frezzed. I can't turn it off or on. I try reebooting, tried with factory reset, tried with wipe cache and then reboot system now, it restart phone and then again is written huawei ascend and thats it. i dont have sd card in the phone,can someone please help?

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if your phone cant pass the huawei logo its hardware problem80%.

but you can reflash it but if its not works you have to change your phone flashdrive(hard).

whats battery connection is it solder?

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so, there is no way i can fix it whitout changing my phone flashdrive? can i do that? dont understand this question about battery, thank you


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