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Apps in Background not running

I have 2 apps which very important for me... But those apps are stopping to provide their services each time I need them. The apps working just fine for a couple of times and then stopping to work till the next time I press on the app to access into the apps... It means that the apps are not running properly in the background...

Apps name :


Call recording

Please help me

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So I may be able to answer your question I am not in any way affiliated with Huawei, I assume first and foremost you are on EMUI 8 when you press the square for multitasking next to the apps listed name there should be a padlock icon and that padlock should be unlocked. When you click and close the pad lock it will lock that app into being open until you unlock it again if that app requires constant data communication I do not know if the EMUI software will stop that but it will keep the open from being closed.

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