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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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Why my brake lights stay on after I changed the brake switch.

My 07 equinox brake lights stay on. I press the brake pedal, they turn off for 5 seconds then I here a click in center console and they turn on.

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Roderick, I have the same problem with my Equinox. Did you find a solution yet?

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I have the answer for this question, sorry it was not sooner but maybe it will help others.

The problem is a disconnect with the BCM ( Body Control Module ) This same configuration with the Equinox is also with the Pontiac Torrent. Other models have this problem as well but GM products in particular is what I have been working with. Just to let you know, I had Extreme problems with this research because the dealerships want to charge a fortune for this procedure. I wanted get figure this out for myself because I am sick of the rip offs. They will not do the job if you install your own switch, they will not do the job without billing you with a full diagnosis, It’s just ridiculous.

1st off to shorten this, I looked for the cheapest way to do this possible. The switch is a “ SENSOR “ A “Position Sensor” has to be Calibrated. so the problem is when you start the car alls well, step on the brake, the brake lights come on for a second and go off, let off the brake the brake lights come ON and stay on, step on the brake they go off unless you slam the pedal all the way to the floor and they sometimes will come again, let off and they go off for a sec but within 5 seconds on again and they stay on while driving. some gm bulletins say dialectic grease every connection in the harness, I pulled the whole dash doing this and still nothing.

you have to have a OBD unit to do this and it takes literally under 1 minute. None of the crap I did previously mattered except for my pain and anger. LOL The cheapest unit I could find that could do this job is the FOXWELL NT510 with GM programming. “ Foxwell NT510 Elite for GM All System OBD2”

I wanted a set up that cost less than the dealerships BS diagnosis and all that. This unit can hold 6 brands of cars, I bought this one pre programmed with GM for 100.00 free ship but most cost 130.00 - If I want to use this later on Toyotas I have to pay 60.00 more and down load the program. easy stuff.

with the new sensor installed do this. Car Off, plug the OBD2 Foxwell Nt510 <— I dont work for these people, it;s a chinese thing, the cheapest I could find that actually works and so far I love this thing, if you have GM programming on a different model Use that! I dont have a friend with one or anyone that woudl help me, if you lived here Id do it for you! LOL

turn the Key on without starting, the machine will come on, it will read your vin, ID your car. Nopw do this

Manual Selection->It will ID Your car, your configuration and Transmission, agree Yes-> Click Other-> Choose Control Modules->Body control module->Special functions->BPP sensor calibration. Now follow simple instructions that say DO NOT STEP ON THAT PEDAL. 20 seconds tops you will hear teh switch in your BCM “CLICK” turn the key back to off , disconnect the OBD2 plug , your brakes work now. and so will everyone’s that you know that ever has this problem. Or you can sell it for more than you bought it for if you like. i am keeping mine.

There is NO OTHER WAY to get this done. the dealership or auto repair will try all sorts of scams on you . the sensor is 10 to 12 dollars. this machine is 100 - 130.00 they wanted 145.00 to LOOK at my car. they wanted 65.00 for Parts that I already bought for 10.00 <- AC Delco china parts are the actual OEM. no joke… Good luck guys.

all the GM products will fix this way. G6 Yes this car has this trouble. this trouble doesn’t have to be from a bad sensor, the ground can just come loose for a sec and poof. the BCM forgets where your pedal is.

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