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Why doesn’t my computer have sleep option?

Hi my dell with windows 10 doesn’t have a sleep option. Why?

It’s never had a sleep option sense I installed Windows 10.

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Type Control Panel in search, go to Power Options. There is a list of actions on the left side, pick "Choose what the power button does". You will need to click on the UAC shield to change settings that are currently available. Look at the shut down settings and click to enable sleep or hibernate, and this option will show up when you click the start button and the power menu.

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Yep that worked. What’s the differents between sleep and hibernate?


I noticed that the fans don’t turn off when I put it to sleep?


Sleep mode is the computer running at minimum power. Hibernation mode captures the state of the computer and turns off, then when the computer is turned on it will have the applications open.


Ok. Do you know why my fans aren’t turning off on sleep?


Sleep mode is just the computer running in reduced power. The fans run because the processor is still running. Sleep is good if you are moving from one location to another in a short time span. Hibernation is better for times when you are commuting or shut down for the day, hibernation is completely shut down.


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Hey, I have Dell E7250, and there’s no such ‘sleep’ mode In power option. Fortunately, there’s hibernate option; please can anybody know how to solve this please ?

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I had the same problem today, after a fresh install.

In the "Choose what the power button does" dialog there was no sign of Sleep, only Hibernate. The root of the problem was the missing/corrupted Intel Graphics driver.

If you have this problem, start a command prompt or PS, and type

> powercfg -a

This will list the available sleep states. A healthy system has the following states enabled:

Standby (S3)


Hybrid Sleep

Fast Startup

Yours will probably list Standby (S3) and Hybrid Sleep as unavailable, hopefully with this message:

"An internal system component has disabled this standby state. Graphics"

If it has problems with the graphics, you just press Win+X, open the Device Manager, select the (intel/microsoft generic) video card, and update its driver.


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