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Repair guides and support for the first generation Chevy S-10 (4WD model T-10) Blazer, a mid-size SUV based on the S-10 pickup truck. Closely related to the GMC Jimmy.

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Heating Wires N Stuff

The panel that is directly below where the heating A/C buttons , that you can take off the panel thing and there's a bunch of wires and stuff behind it. I'm trying to figure out what the wires & panel/section itself is called so I can order it all new because a bunch of the wires are frayed or messed up & some of the connection things too.

I'm going to link to a photo of the area I'm talking about.

Link to photo

Block Image

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@lusciously that is where your ashtray and the auxiliary power outlets (cigarette lighter) are usually located. As for the wiring, you would need to get complete new wiring harnesses etc. At this time I would not replace those. Get some electric tape and cover the areas that appears frayed to you. Replacing a wiring harness is a major undertaking. Only replace it if absolutely needed.

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