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The Nokia E61i is an S60 platform third edition device with qwerty keyboard targeting business users in the European market.

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Nokia E6 (NOT E61i) cellphone Repair & Teardown Instructions - None?

Cannot find any Nokia E6 cellphone repair or teardown instructions.

It is not even listed as a Nokia model anywhere in IFIXIT .


(Had no choice but to choose another phone, the Nokia E61i, in order to be able to post this question.)

Am I missing something?

Can someone please help?

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I assume it is because Ifixit cannot afford to buy every model of every brand of phone made in the world just to tear it down and create guides which they make available as a free service. Also no one else has posted a repair guide on the site, for that phone either.

As you tear it down to fix it, how about you create a repair guide for the Nokia E6 and post it on ifixit? That way you might be helping someone else who has a problem with that particular model phone

Here is a video showing the disassembly of a Nokia E6, which may be of some help

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