No Power-on, Dead even after replacing motherboard.

I have Acer aspire e5- 571-563b laptop.

Total dead, after liquid damage.

I replace motherboard, still not turning on.

The only option left is changing Power-DC jack or replace the on-off switch.

If someone has any suggestion please !!

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Hi @tech2018, what had you checked? power adapter?

How bad is the liquid damage ? did you power up with battery? if so remove first


The laptop was used by one of my family member, and yes they keep the battery in for few days and tried to turn couple of times with battery and charger in, instead of taking the battery out.

Does this thing really matter if I already change the motherboard ?

I tried just to check if any light turning on, after replacing motherboard, by just connecting power switch cable to mother board and dc jack cable to mobter board,without connecting keyboard cable. but no luck !

Is it necessary to connect all cable and put the screws in even to test the sign of light ?

Chances are rare that new mother board is not in a working condition, but its a new purchase !


It would still be relevant. As you can power your laptop with just your charge port and no battery installed.


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