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LG Power Tracfone, ran on Android's 5.0 Lollipop platform with a 4.5" FWVGA Display, Model (L22C).

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Can anyone help me with my phone?

My phone is called LG X Style. I was at school and i was playing a game. It shut down by itself. I tried everything!!! Can anyone help me please???

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My Nokia 3 did the exact same thing last night. What I did to restart it was, put the charger in and pressed the on button. If it didn't start I'd pull the plug and put it in again, until I could start the phone. I uninstalled the game, as it only ever did that with the game I was playing. I think it was a bug in the game programming.

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Hungry Apps Running in Background

Hungry apps running in the background, which consumes a lot of your battery, and causes to your device get stuck


You need to find out that trouble-causing apps and you’ve to do either uninstall or Disable those apps. But, disabling will make the app to misbehave, instead of that, you can put apps to sleep. Remove live wallpapers, widgets from your home screen.

Lag During Gaming Session

You are experiencing lag during a gaming session. This is because of some apps and services running in the background, eating up your device’s memory.


For this issue, you need to optimize your device memory for the better gaming session. With the help of some boosting apps available on Google Play store, you can optimize each game.

Device Storage Space Is Getting Low

While downloading a new app from Google play store, You are most likely getting this message low storage space. For that, you have to free up some storage space on your device by deleting some miscellaneous apps/media right? to do this thing you don’t need any third party apps.

But sometimes in an unusual manner, your device RAM is getting low. Without your interference majority of RAM consumed, which causes to your phone annoying things like overheat, hanging is happening.


You can free up device storage space by uninstalling waste apps, deleting cached data, unimportant files, and media. To manage all these things simply go to settings>storage.

The second remedy for this low storage issue is ‘factory reset’. I am not going to ensure you that Factory reset can fix all the things. But, it can give a chance to reinstall important apps.

While updating apps, you should know what is good and what is bad with that application update. Do not update apps blindly.

In my research about this topic, I realized that a lot of mobile users don’t know what is happening in the background. There may be either toxic apps runnings or some viruses transferring users sensitive information. Exactly they don’t realize what is happening.

For this issue, I personally recommend ” SYSTEM PANEL 2” app. It gives you a live data of your




4.Cellular Data

5.Battery Stats

6.The Temperature Of your Phone’s Hardware Components & More.

Lastly, The App section allows you to manage your Apps analysis looks for any Apps that are excessively using your battery without you even knowing it. This application tells you everything you need to know.

Finally, I want to share a small tip to speed up an Android phone, Here it is.

How to speed up an Android phone

Here is the procedure to speed up an Android phone. Follow these steps


Go to settings >> About phone


In ‘About Phone’ you can see an option ‘Build number or MIUI number’ Click multiple times on this option until You’re seeing a pop-up showing ” You are now a developer “.


Come back from ‘About Phone’ and go to ‘Developer options’. Make sure that ‘Debugging’ option is on.


Now click on ‘ Transition Animation scale’ and ‘Animation duration scale’. adjust these options from ‘1x’ to ‘0.5x’.

How to deactivate Whatsapp account for lost phone

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