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My stove top makes a continuous clicking sound.

I have a LG oven and stove top, the burners are having a continuous clicking noise with a the sparkler getting ignited. I tried turning it off and cleaning it - but did not help. What do I need to do ? Also can I use the gas meanwhile - will that be safe ?

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If cleaning and drying the burner, burner cap to burner mating surfaces and igniter does not rectify your constant clicking...

The semiconductors used in all ignition modules are almost always manufactured from consumer grade components. I have never in my career seen one with automotive grade temperature semiconductors.

It gets very hot in cooktops and slide in range cooktops, easily exceeding the highest temperature ratings for the semiconductors. The net effect after time is that the current sense portion of the circuit pinches off the feedback current from flame rectification signaling no flame is present and fires the ignition repeatedly.

Retrofitting the location of your igniter module to under your counter cooktop airbox will keep the IC’s in temp range and extend your spark module life to at leas the design life of 10years and most likely much longer.


why my stove damage the metal knob when i pressed pulsed igniter ? ?


We have the same issue with one front burner clicking while on, but if we turn the burner on behind it then the clicking stops. Any ideas what this is?


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Cause 1

Spark Ignition Switch

One of the spark ignition switches might be defective. The spark ignition switch sends voltage to the spark module. When the electrical contacts inside the switch close, power flows to the spark module. If the spark ignition switch fails with the electrical contacts closed, the switch will send continuous voltage to the spark module. To determine if any of the spark ignition switches is defective, use a multimeter to test each of the switches for continuity. If a spark ignition switches shows continuity at all settings, replace it.

Cause 2

Spark Ignition Switch and Harness

One of the spark ignition switches might be defective. The spark ignition switch sends voltage to the spark module. When the electrical contacts inside the switch close, power flows to the spark module. If the switch contacts are wet or stuck in a closed position, the switch will send continuous voltage to the spark module, no matter where the dial is set. Each of the switches can be tested individually to determine if they are shorted. If a spark ignition switch is shorted and is not wet, or if drying it out doesn’t solve the problem, replace the switch.

Cause 3

Spark Module

The spark module provides power to each surface burner spark electrode. If the spark module fails, it may cause the burners to spark continuously. However, the spark ignition switch is more likely to be at fault. Before replacing the spark module, first test the spark ignition switch. If the spark ignition switch is working properly, consider replacing the spark module.

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Thank you Mayer !! This was helpful information. Should I call somebody to look into this ? I tried using a hot air dryer to dry in case this was wet. But it hasnt helped.


@albert06 Purva, I certainly wouldn't call anyone one, I'd replace the part myself. First identify exactly which part it is. Here's what you are probably going to need:

IMHO their price is to high but this will get you the part number. The igniter tip is very fragile but with a reasonable amount of care you should be able to fix this yourself in under 30 minutes, including the time to figure out how.


One of My stove top burners clicks continuously even when I turn off all the burners what's the problem


On my stove, only one of the burners clicks continuously when lit. When that burner is turned off, it works correctly (i.e. the clicking stops). All other burners work correctly. What is the likely problem in this case?


@rickyc One of the most common reasons a gas stove starts clicking is because the burner cap is out of alignment. Once the cooktop is completely cool, remove the burner grate to access the cap beneath it. Remove the cap and re-center it on the base. Try lighting the burner again


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Cause 4

It could also be the outlet that the range or range top is plugged into. You can test this by plugging the range or range top into an extension cord and running it to another wall outlet. If the periodic sparking stops, then your problem is the outlet or another electrical problem apart from the range itself. At this point it’s best to call an electrician.

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I have the same problem with a brand new cook top. Sparks all burners all the time. Got a warranty repairman who checked all the switches and said it was the module. The warranty people could not locate the obsolete module and gave up. I bought the listed replacement for the model and installed it myself. The only real difference was that the switches had individual hard wire running to the old module while the new one took only one ganged load, so I wired them all together and attached them to the load lug. Still the same problem. Tried the drop cord to another outlet across the room. Problem persists. In the off mode, I have 118 VAC to ground on the hot side and 0 on the output side of each switch. When lit, I get an HV indication on my meter and a wildly changing voltage to 4 digits, not 118 VAC. My meter does not read high voltage to 10-15,000 volts. How about some bleeding from the HV ? Where would it come from? Possibly the ground? Would the common ground be the source? Where would you look? The new module has no ground at all and is in a plastic case. The old module did have a ground for its internal wiring through the attachment plug. The cooktop unit is grounded.

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I had the same problem .Turn the cooker off so that it stops sparking or switch the main electricity off . Then clean the ignitors .Take off the cooker knobs and check for any debris there.Clean it ,hover it .It should hopefully sort out the problem .I had the same problem .In one of the knobs after removing it , some rice are other stuff was in there causing all the problem.Once cleared all was fine.I hope this helps.Make sure it is off when you clean the ignitors.

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My ignition lights the gas but the second I take my hand off the knob the flame goes out. All the other gas hobs work. I have removed the fitting and recentralised it but the same thing happens any suggestions please.


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