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Le Sony Xperia Z5 est équipé d'un écran de 5,2 pouces et à 1080 x 1920 pixels, d'un processeur Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, d'une RAM de 3 Go et d'une caméra arrière de 23 MP.

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Is this phone worth repairing?


I have a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium that died on me a few months ago. I was planning on keeping the phone and going on a sim only when my contract renews in June. Reason being, phones haven't progressed enough past this stage for me to warrant an upgrade.

However, the phone decided to turn itself off and upon turning it back on it stayed on for 10, 20, 30 seconds or so and then turned itself off again. This continuously happened. I managed to do a factory reset in the time it stayed on (plugged in but this didn't always help). The factory reset made no difference.

My theory is one of two possible causes;

1) It's shutting down due to overheating. It gets warm where the processor is, nothing new for this phone and not as hot as it gets when running something processor heavy. possibly just start up warmth.

2) The battery is knackered. It's been replaced once before but I can't remember why I had to do this.

Also, the rubbery compound found on the copper pipes underneath the processor is just that, rubbery. Should this be more like a paste?

Really don't fancy wasting money on parts if it won't fix my phone.

Any help, much appreciated.



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@lcdean any repair to keep a device out of the e-waste landfill is a worthwhile repair. I'd recommend you at least try a battery replacement since this "decided to turn itself off and upon turning it back on" sounds like it is needed.

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If i'm to do the repair it'll cost me £30-£40, not just the battery. Damaged the back panel and power flex taking it apart with the wrong tools. Money is tight for me at the moment so I'd much rather not throw the cash away and potentially still the phone, adding to e-waste regardless.


@lcdean yes I hear you loud and clear. Totally understand and a lot of times it is all a matter of economics. Maybe you can just give it away after to someone who likes to either do repairs or likes to learn.


I don't mind doing the repair myself and I'm pretty competent with it (when I'm not rushing the repair with the wrong tools). Thing is, if it's an overheating issue causing the phone to protect itself and power down, would this be an economical repair? Is the processor likely to be done for? That's why I also asked about the cooling paste/compound on the back of the processor/copper pipes. Should this be replaced if I can get it working? My domain is usually consoles/pc's but will try to repair most things.


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