Dropped my new Lg k10 2017 and now has broken glass on the front!

I dropped my Lg k10 2017 from about a foot high onto hardwood flooring and it just had to land on the front side. Which is now spider webbed cracked. I want to repair it but have heard from a few sources that replacing just the front glass wont keep it water/dust resistant. It has been recommened that I buy the the whole front half of the phone because it comes as one piece it woukd include new glass/lcd , headphone jack etc. Please what shold I do: replace the glass or whle display? Where i live it will cost me a lot. Any tutorial will be helpful.

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hi i bought 2 lcd screens for my j3 samsung but both will not start up just a dead screen but my original screen works i tried the screens on my wifes fone and they work on hers what could be wrong


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