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LG Aristo MS21O android phone repair and troubleshooting.

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How to replace LG Aristo glass screen only?

I recently cracked my LG Aristo glass screen, there is no damage to the LCD at all. So I purchased a Front Glass Screen replacement + OCA+ Frame Tape. I searched everywhere on how to replace it, how ever I could not find true instructions. On how to replace the Front Glass Screen only. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Can't help ya very substantially unfortunately, but I attempted this a few months ago after watching a few YouTube tutorials, so I'm going to warn you in case you decide to attempt this yourself: do not treat the flex cables as roughly as the dudes in the YouTube videos do! I got halfway through, something made a bad noise, i aborted mission and now have a broken screen AND can't hear the other person during phone calls unless i put on speaker phone! :,D

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It's not that hard. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer hold about 6 inches away from the screen until the entire screen is a little too hot to touch then slide playing cards under slowly and reheat the screen often to maintain about 95 degrees Celsius it will come right off. Then clean with alcohol and use Loca(liquid optical clear adhesive) glue and a UV flashlight to cure glue. not a big deal

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The videos show totally taking apart the phone, disconnecting all of the electronics to it. Did you do this before using the hair dryer or just heat up the screen direct?


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