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Le successeur du smartphone LG V10, similaire au LG G5, commercialisé le 29 septembre 2016. Le LG V20 se reconnaît aux numéros de modèle F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996 et VS995.

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How can I get Service Manual about lg v20?

i need help

How can i get Service Manual about lg v20?


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LG does not publicly provide a service guide, like most companies. Sorry.

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Can lg then repair the phone for a customer? Or a licensed repair company?


What’s wrong with it?


But look hard enough and you will find it. There is prolific demand for LG service manuals as they are extremely useful for independent shops repairing broken LG phones (perhaps not in US). I doubt LG cares anymore if "internal" service manuals are out there since they are no longer in smartphone business anyway. I posted link for official LG V20 service manual below.


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Official LG V20 service manual is available, All these LG service manuals come through It has been uploaded to manualslib. Often, it is not labeled by phone name, but model number. So searching by LG V20 brings up nothing but user manuals. However, searching by LG H990DS brings up a service manual for LG V20 (australian model).

Here is the link:

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