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The Motorola MBP33SBU is a 2.8-inch Video Baby Monitor featuring a two-way audio that allows you to communicate back and forth in different rooms. The device includes night vision, sound activation, a full-color LCD screen, and a 590-foot wireless range with out-of-range indication. Motorola also came out with the MBP33XL version, which features a larger 3.5-inch screen.

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How can I dismantle the MBP motorola baby monitor camera?

I have some issues with my MBP33 video camera. I think there are some damaged/cracked or just disconnected parts inside the camera and I cannot manage to open it. I did managed to open and disconnect everything up to the egg part (main board, mic, speaker, etc). Does anybody know the trick how to open it?

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1 solution

I have successfully done it!

Check this post: Motorola MBP33 baby camera disassembly

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