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Le smartphone phare de 2017 de Huawei. Sorti en mars 2017. Il est doté d'un boîtier unibody et d'une double caméra arrière, développée en partenariat avec Leica. Disponible avec des options de stockage de 32/64 Go et six finitions différentes. Numéros de modèle VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00.

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Huawei P10 won't boot fully after screen replacement

After a screen replacement, the phone boots to the screen below, but no further. At first it does connect to the PC via USB, but disconnects just before this screen.

The old screen doesn't work at all, so I can't confirm whether it behaves the same, but it seems to, judging by the USB beeps.

I tried a factory reset, but that didn't fix it either.

Block Image

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That's a smart cover sensor issue.

Was the screen display replaced with or without the frame?

If it was with frame, my guess is that there must be some sensor that plugs into the board for the smart cover.

Either it was missing or damaged whether or not it was transferred to the replacement frame.

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Thank you for your answer. The screen came without the frame, but I will look into the smart cover sensor issue, as the repair did involve removing a lot of components.



The first challenge was locating the sensor. Seems it's on, or running off the charging port flex. The only visible connections off the flex are the speaker, headphone jack and vibrator motors.

After unplugging, but not removing the charging port flex, the phone booted up normally. However, the issue returned when the flex was plugged in but moved aside. So the sensor and issue must be on the flex itself.

I will try a replacement charging port flex to see whether that fixes the problem.


Thanks for the follow up. I'll keep this in mind for any future Huawei screen replacements.


Update #2:

Just a quick note to confirm that a replacement charging port fixed the problem. Thank you again for your help.


My P10 plus was replaced screen then all was well but not fingerprint sensor then restart the phone now touch is not working but sensor is working


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Hey Kai,

I think the flex cable connecting the screen to the motherboard may be damaged, as something might be shorting out preventing it from booting. And, as you said, putting the old display in seemed to work, so I think either returning the display and purchasing a new one would be a good option.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your answer. But I realized that I was being vague about the old screen. What I meant is that it seems like the phone is suffering from the same issue with the old screen attached, but I can't confirm it because it's just black.

Also, the screen looks normal during the initial boot, and changes to what it looks like in the image after the second Huawei Logo.


So sorry! I guess I just misunderstood your question. To anyone reading this, make sure to upvote Ben's answer!


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hello i got huawei p smart after vhange new lcd ph not boot up normaly when connect charger it show logo only when dissconect charger ph goes off change lcd,change battery unplug chargenf flex but still same prob

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