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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity, model NV755. It can convert from a push vacuum to a hand-held vacuum. Repairs and troubleshooting found here may also be applicable to models NV652 and NV752.

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Replacing embedded hose in power unit on Shark model NV752

How-to for disassembling the Shark model NV752 power unit to replace embedded hose, and where to find replacement?

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I don’t have answer I just want to know if all lower neck hose attached to power head are the same 1-1/2 diameter? For my UV 810 model.


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I replaced this hose recently on mine. I was unable to find anywhere online a replacement hose that explicitely stated my exact model of vacuum. Here is what I bought from the Walmart website without knowing for sure if it would fit, as it was for different models of shark vacuum cleaners. Here is the description: “Lower Nozzle Hose for Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner NV341 NV501 UV560” I have the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away NV755 (Best buy model). This hose worked perfectly. It’s important that the direction of the spiral is the same. If the spiral on this hose was the thread on a bolt, it would be a left-hand thread. I followed the very good directions on this website for headlight replacement to step 7 to locate all of the screws that needed to be removed. I would only add that on mine, one of the two screws circled in yellow located beneath the beater brush cover was a T20 torx security bit. not to be confuse with the smaller regular torx hidden under the gasket. I wasted time thinking I had to dismantle the assembly that held the upper end of the hose; I couldn’t figure it out. But, all one needs to do is remove the hose receiver from the end nearest the headlights which just pulls out. then unscrew the hose from it by rotating it clockwise(like a left-hand thread). You will feel the soft factory glue give way slowly as you start unscrewing it. For the other end, since my old hose was already split in two or three sections, I just pulled the spiral and let it unravel all the way out from the handle end. I then just screwed the new hose back into the handle end first and screwed the hose receiver back onto the front end. I had some difficulty getting the hose receiver seated correctly as it took me a couple of times. If you can’t close and lock the hinged beater-bar cover then it’s not seated all the down correctly. I wished I had checked this before I started putting my screws back in. The suction is so much better now, it’s difficult to push. Good luck.

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Missed the T20 torx security screw. Found it and removed.


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