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New battery not charging after replacement


I replaced the battery on my iPhone 6s and the installation went great, no problems etc etc. When I turned it on it has worked fine, and when I plug the phone in to charge it indicates that it is charging, however the battery isn't actually holding any charge. I have tried charging it without the metal plate that covers the battery socket inside the phone on (as some people have reported this to short the connection) and still no luck.

Are there any other common culprits for the issue, or is it a bad battery? I've tried multiple Lightning cords etc and so it's certainly an issue with the battery/charging mechanism.

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The easiest thing to try right now is to re-install the original battery to see if that one takes a charge or not. If it does, then you have a defective or damaged battery and you will need to contact your supplier or vendor about a warranty replacement or refund.

If the original battery doesn't charge either, then you may have damaged the logic board.

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Unfortunately discarded the old battery after I installed this one and it turned on (oops). Ordered another and so i'll update when it comes on Wednesday


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The battery can be the primary issue. If another battery doesn't fix the issue, it may be your charging IC on the motherboard.

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I would disconnected and re-connected the battery If the issue is still exist try another one, hope it will work

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Did this work out for you? I am facing the same issue.


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