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High-end Fire OS 5 tablet released by Amazon in 2015. Features a 10.1" HD display and MediaTek quad-core processor.

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Get rid of games

I recently got my first tablet. I want to get rid of all of the useless games. How do I delete them completely and forever?

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I misspoke. I should've said when I wake it up advertisements tor games display. You are prompted to play or "get" the game. I want to stop these ads. There are no games installed or preinstalled.


Brandy, see my updated answer. Just so you know, those advertisements keep the sale price of the tablets low.


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If they are preinstalled, I am not sure if you can delete them completely and forever, but you can try going to settings --> applications and uninstall them. However they will still be in your account online.

For the on screen advertisements, this is the subsidy that keeps the price of the tablet so low. You can get rid of these advertisements by speaking with via live chat and requesting them to remove "lock screen advertisements".

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s w

Thank you. Your answer was spot on!!


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