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Téléphone Android avec écran HD 5" lancé en septembre 2015

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Why cant I set up my Phone?

I just got a blu grand energy cell phone, i turn it on to set it up and get to "keep me up to date" and when i hit next it says "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped". I have tried rebooting the phone and this does not work, and i can only seem to access factory mode, i cant actually get into android to try and do a hard reset. What should i do?

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I had this exact problem with my BLU Advance. Here's how I got around it:

If the "Settings have Stopped" error is preventing the phone from being setup:

Go through Setup adding the Google account login, continue until you get to the point of the error.

Turn off the phone, take out the SD card and the SIM card.

Turn back on and go through setup without connecting to the wireless (skip). If you are already connected to wireless, forget the network so it has no way to get to the internet. The setup will complain that it can't connect and ask if you want to continue anyway. Agree to that and get to the home screen. Then turn the phone off and insert the SIM and the SD. Turn back on and it shouldn't go through the Welcome again. :-)

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Well at least that was something helpful ..thank you so much..I mean it's frustrating to be sitting here with a phone that it and the box etc tell me simply that u have a blu grand energy model...and yet there isn't even a grand energy listed ...the search doesn't even find any matches they list several energys and a few grands but no grand energy ..I mean WTH the only thing that comes up under it are the 5 post here from other customers with issues like me and no answers except by other customers (who we appreciate ) if not for them we would have no support. I am very disappointed in the company ..their product and support. In my opinion everyone that feels the same should post in their reviews about it so other's know upfront the truth.


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I had this same problem, and after reading your advice, I got passed it by going through setup without a network connection — but I couldn’t find a way to forget a known network from within the setup process. So if anyone else is similarly stuck, try this:

Stepping backwards the setup process until it brings up the wifi selection screen. Change the settings on your existing network (such as the password) such that it no longer functions — this may require selecting the “show all networks” or similar message, because when I tried it from the initial wifi selection screen, setup proceeded and remained connected, despite having a bogus password.

Anyway, if you get get through the setup process without a network connection, it seems to work.

And this is probably BLU’s fault, as the problem seems to be with their email newsletter signup screen, which of course is not part of the built-in android setup process.

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