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The HP Deskjet F4480 Printer/Copier/Scanner. This printer was intended for home or small office use.

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Printer & Scanner not working!


I donot use my printer frequently and it stays unused for long periods. This time when i started my printer, i can see the orange light blinking, the mini screen showing and exclamation over the color ink meter and the printer making kinds of noises.

When i asked the printer to print(black and white) it would only make noises and then stop, in the computer it will show printing process failed. When I asked it to SCAN, the error message says scanner is being used by another program. I just recently installed printer software on my new computer and this was the first printing session. The ink cartridge retainer just moves from one side to another, makes mechanical noises, and even the paper is not taken inside, and then it just stops.

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Have you checked that the cartridges have enough ink?

Are they installed correctly?

Can you copy or scan OK from the printer's control panel?


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do you have the drivers?

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