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La version plus grande du nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung, le Galaxy S8 +. Mis sur le marché en avril 2017.

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Cracked screen half screen is white

I dropped my phone and in the middle of the screen all the way to the right edge there is a crack and now a horizontal line and from there down the screen is white static and I can't see anything but I can still click on apps. What is broken or need to be replaced?

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my guess is the entire display. Unless you have like 5 specific machines that will put all your cheap separate display parts together properly, I'd just look into the easiest display replacement method possible, usually a $40-60 part, a whole display, lcd+digitizer/glass, sometimes they'll come with a mid-frame or whatever it directly connects to. Find videos on the DIY job, at least three to get familiar with every little step, trust me, I've wasted a lot of money on breaking new displays/glass trying to rush this stuff, make sure you know how to adhere the display to whatever it connects to like a mid-frame and/or bezel, what adhesive, glue and/or double sided tape, AGAIN know the steps to the very end before you attempt. Don't work on carpet. Maybe get one of those anti-static wrist bands.

I broke my last display screwing up the last step, stuck it down a hair off screwing it up then had to take it back off and broke it. Go slow. Good luck

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How much would that cost if I took it to a professional repair?


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