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My PowerBook g4 12 1.33ghz hard drive fail ithink?

i think my hard drive in my powerbook fail when i turn it on it only display white and no apple logo then my hard drive will tick two time ,it has a sound , then when i try to press alt to boot it to other it has a display,,, do you think its only my hard drive has an error

,and ive got my new hard drive but i dont know how i will install it , because i just buy it second hand , and it does not come up with cd restore or cd installation

,,, pls help me

i just buy it coz its virus free it does not hung ....

and last the last time im using it, is when im deleting all my song and files of the owner of the laptop , and i even try to replace his password in his admin accnt ,,, using terminal, /sbin/mount -uw /

then passwd username

then passwd

then after that it appear type new password i think

then when i try to type my new passwrd it does not type no letters to be appear so i try and try but it doesn't change passwrd , then i just let it go

help me pls

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I can't tell if you have installed the new hard drive yet or not. Maybe if you tell us what your native language is, someone who speaks it can help you.

You will need some way of installing a new operating system.Your PowerBook can use either Tiger or Leopard, and maybe you can find someone with the appropriate installer for you to borrow. (I think it's legal to borrow an installer for a system that you already had.)


i think my powerbook is ok ,but im worrying too much... when i boot it up it ok and it has a display ,and ill just add info , i try to press alt key then it boot ,,, and my hard drive , i see it it has has x just like this but it has an x


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You should try reinstalling the operating system to your second hand hard disk. Maybe it still has some information (including the password) from the previous owner and that's causing you this issue, and if it does, you will require the reinstallation cds :/. Good luck

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thanks a lot,, maybe i should try to install first for my new hard drive thanks again


so, my old hard drive? can i copy my file there even if its broke?


yes you can actually. you will just need an external usb hdd case, so you can save your files onto your computer :D


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