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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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Why is my touch screen not working?

hi my phone (j7 pro 2017) got soaked in the water while i was asleep. i dont know what was the legnth of time it got soaked. after i saw that my phone was wet i hurriedly put it in an uncooked rice for 3 days. my home, recents, and back keys are working fine but my touch screen is not responding. is the ldi located in the 2nd sim and sd card slot? i saw a small red square inside. what can i do? thank you for the answer :)

please reply asap if possible thanks

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Hi, If you don't tear it down and disconnect the battery flex cable, it may be broken. Now you can try to tear it down and check if there is still water on the LCD screen flex cable. Then you can put it in uncooked rice to suck up moisture and reinstall it to see if it works fine.

If not, you may need to replace a new LCD display. Here is the Samsung J7 Pro LCD screen replacement video, which may help you.

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