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I am getting AF message on Maytag Bravos Dryer

I ALWAYS clean out the filter on the machine. I also vacuum or brush the vent area in the machine at least every other month. I have someone in to clean the vent every year yet I have gotten this message twice in the last 2 weeks and the machine is only 13 months old. What is my next step?

Update (04/29/2018)

Thank you so much for the quick response. My dryer is a Maytag Bravos XL MEDB835DW3 and is 14 months old.

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No response to the 4/29/2018 update answer I sent.


It was helpful ; however, as noted in your repsonse, I sent the model # of the dryer and never received an answer back as to where and what sensor is at fault. I also figured out that the AF flashes only when I move the dryer to "Bedding". AF does not show up on regular dry.


What is f1 stand for


Same issue. I took the entire lint test out to clean and I am concerned I wired it wrong


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mom1216 AF Restricted Airflow Condition

"AF" flashes if a restricted airflow condition exists. Check to make sure the lint screen is clean, the door seal is in place and the vent is not obstructed.

Since you are certain that in your case this is not an issue then you may have a faulty sensor. You will need to replace the faulty sensor to fix this problem. this should most likely be the exhaust thermistor. Give us the exact model number of your dryer so we can try to determine where and what sensor is at fault.

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I have this model number is medb835dw3


Ricky Day again....My AF does not flash. Heats well


I figured it out.


How do you fix it! I cleaned all my vents and made sure they weren’t kinked at all! It is still happening!?


I have the same issue. I have cleaned the vents and made sure air flow is good but I still repeatedly get the AF code. How do I fix this?


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I have a two year old, purchased new from Lowes’, Bravos XL MCT MEDB835DW4 dryer. The AF error code showed up about 1 year into ownership. It doesn’t impact the heat or drying clothes. After reading a lot of forums I went ahead and replaced WP8577274 Dryer Thermistor & WP3392519 Thermal Fuse thinking it would solve the AF problem. It did NOT. I clean the lint trap, vacuum it annually inside the unit and I have a drill attachment that I run out my vent line with minimal debris ever captured. My house was built in 2019 and is less than 2 years old, so current code on exhaust, corners, etc. Anyone have any other ideas on AF code generation? I did check the thermistor and fuse I pulled out w/ my Ohm meter and my thermistor held~11 and my fuse was 0.

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I'm having the same issue, my House was built in 2019, and my BRAVOS XL one load said Good Airflow and the another one shows AF. My heating pad was changed under warranty and the tech said was due to not having good airflow. I realized don't know what else to do.


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