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Why is my arm and belt not working

Hi, i got this motorized toy from a friend it is Tonka forklift mighty motorized toy 2000

It can go forward and backwards however if i want to operate the for k lift to go up and down its very stiff and thearm is not tipping forward and back.

Is there any chance to be fixed?

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eva_krizova post some good pictures of your forklift with your question. See if you can zoom onto the boom etc. as well. that way we can see what you see. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that. Model should be a 3343 for the year 2000


Hi and thank for your reply i have been searching the web for my problém high and low. Now to answer your questions:

Indeed It has 3 levers at the back the one for fork lift is working partially the fork will lift up but has some issues coming down so i dont thing the cogs are broken but something is definatelly shopping it from moving downwards.

The tilt is not working at all you can tilt it manually with force.

I tried to také it apart it took me a good chunk of my afternoon but my tools are rubish most of the screws Are so tight. ( i am a girl mind you....weak hands).i managed some but not all. I think there are 3 separate motors 1 at rear 2 at the front. Do you think i have to do anything with the wires? I was thinking of using electrician but perhaps too expensive.

The sound is ofsomething is rotating inside the sound is same for both levers tilt and fork but i think they have different motors each.


I had problems searching the web, too. There are confusing models.

Small hands are an advantage. We old-men cheat by using special power-drivers and secret 4-letter words !

You should be able to "bench test" the mechanisms while its apart. Otherwise, we would be just guessing. Does the light work? Sound? There is a small circuit board, but it seems to be OK. It there anything broken ?

I think I would first check the wires and functions of each switch.

A single Cheerio cereal will easily disable a switch ;>)

You need to get it apart to see inside.


I will go get some better screwdrivers and when i také it apart i will take photos and send you them. The light and sound is working. My son is obssesed with the toy hence i want to fix it for him. What would you not do for your kids right. Any way bear with me i will be in touch as soon as i get some spare time to fiddle with it.


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The model with the levers on the rear ?

Yes it can be fixed - but you must take it apart.

The lift is a toothed-contraption which will not lift a brick. If it has torn cogs... you're outta luck.

What sort of noise does is make ?

The forks swing in weak-plastic hinges. Same story as with the brick.

The handle still moves OK? Commonly broken. Hope nothing is missing.

I have repaired many small plastic parts with a 25-watt wood-burner-iron.

( or, your empty glue gun will also melt the plastic)

Basically, you are spot-welding the plastic together.

The strongest glue is JB-Weld at any auto-parts store.

Don't blame the brick. Grandson used the poodle !

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