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Mixing different brands rams reduces performance?

Hello everyone.

I just ordered Crucial ram 8b for my iMac 27 i7.

I already have 4gb samsung rams installed and I will add the new 8gb so this will be 12gb.

My question is: will mixing different brand rams reduce the speed performance?

Because I used to hear in old windows days(4 years ago) don't mix different rams brands together because you will have less performance.

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It is never good to mix RAM for a number of reasons. Not all chips talk well together is the main reason to not mix ram from different manufacturers. Besides that you have CAS latency (clock latency) referred to as CAS#, CL#, CAS=# or CL=#, even with in the same manufacturer it is not good to mix these. Was the ram you picked out tested and recommended by your computer manufacturer? You don't list which year yours is. Here is a link to Crucial's ram finder:

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Thanks for replying. It is mid 2010. Yes of course, I chose my ram based on crucial website/application So, looks like I'm going to take of the current 4gb and install the new crucial till I get another 8gb :)


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