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Sony M-430 Microcassette-Corder can record and play back audio. The one-touch recording and two-speed record/playback and automatic shut-off makes this ideal for on the go recording. Model number M430.

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Take up spindle is not turning--tape comes out of cassette

I have a Sony M-450 microcassette recorder that I just bought on eBay. It appears almost identical to the M-430.

For approximately a minute the tape played properly but then the tape stopped playing. When I opened the tape door, a lot of tape had come out of the cassette. On studying what was causing it, I realized only the supply spindle is turning which just keeps pushing the tape out of the cassette and it is not being taken up by the other reel.

Would that be caused by a stretched drive belt under the motherboard? Thanks if you can help.

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Thanks for your reply oldturkey03.

Fooling around with it some more and still continuing to diagnose it, I got it to work fairly well and play the tape but looking at the recorder laying flat with the speaker on the right...

1. While in play mode--reversing the tape ("review") the left reel would not spin or would spin a little and then stop. Of course the tape would be pushing out of the cassette as the tape was not transferring. In FAST forward and rewind, both reels spin usually as they should. So I've got it down to an intermittent problem somehow and it seems to be narrowed down to the left spindle not spinning as I first described. I don't know if that's the supply or take-up.

2. It doesn't appear that the pinch roller is glazed at all, the capstan shaft spins normally even with holding my finger on it lightly to add pressure. I tested that without a cassette in it. I think that would rule out capstan motor issues wouldn't it?

Do both reel spindels depend on the large belt ?


rjaa yes tehy do. I'd start by disasswmbling and cleaning the mechanical parts. While doing that you can inspect and evaluate. At this point I would of course replace the belt as well. That way mechanical error can be ruled out. The pick up should be the right one.


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rjaa there are multiples reasons why this can happen. From hardened pinch rollers, hardened idler wheel which causes lack of take-up torque, bent capstans, poor tape guide alignment or the drive hub could be slow or not moving at all, while the pinch roller is still feeding the ribbon, and many more. You will have to disassemble your recorder and take a good look at what is going on. Check the rollers for sure and clean the capstan shaft and rollers. The drive belt is a highly unlikely cause. Since it is very similar to the M-430 these guides might help Sony M-430 Microcassette-Corder If unsure of what you are looking at you can always post some images with your question. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that. Also, this manual will help you out further ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online!

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Hello, i wonder if anyone could give me any advice. I have a pan.rq-sw20 walkman that the tape player wasn't working, i changed the belt and now everything works without a tape in,and ff rew works with tape in, spool spins strongly, and capstans too, but as soon as i put a tape movement when i press play?? Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


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