Some times doesn't ring on incoming call

Even at loud mode ,sometimes my phone doesn't ring on incoming calls

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Hi @jiyo ,

How do you know that you've got a call and presumably missed it because it didn't ring or does it appear on the screen with no ringtone?

Do you have vibrate on and it works or not either?

Does the "missed" call appear in the call log?

Does the 'missed' call go through to your voicemail?

Do you know if the 'missed' call is from the same caller all the time?

Do callers tell you they rang and you didn't answer?

Just trying to narrow down what may be happening?


Even my phone in my hand on loud mode,but doesn't ring on incoming calls..vibration works


Hi @jiyo ,

Is it only intermittent or on every call?

if it's intermittent try changing the ringtone in case it is a faulty ringtone file.

It is happens often try using the phone in safe mode for a while to see if it still has problems .

To enable safe mode

Touch the power key

Touch and hold the Shut Down option

Tap OK when Safe Mode Restart option appears

The phone will restart and the safe mode warning appears in the lower left corner.

Simply restart the device to disable safe mode.

If it works OK in safe mode then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one is the culprit


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