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What size screw driver bit to remove VESA mount from iMac?

Hello, I have recently purchased a Late 2013 27 Inch iMac but its come with a Vesa Mount attached to the back with what looks like a 5 Point Star pentalobe scewdriver hole.

I've tried a T15 screwdriver bit but it appears to be 1mm too small.... I can't seem to find one which is one size up... the next size is T20

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It is a Pentalobe screw, which is different to the torx shape. Torx has 6 sides whereas pentalobe has 5 sides.

It is a P15 screw size, but we have struggled to find a source for them. It is something that Apple implemented frustratingly and these tools are not mass produced. Because this size is used solely on the VESA mounting kits, they are not mass produced like the 1.2mm pentalobe of the iPhone, or the 1.5mm pentalobe of the MacBook pro batteries.

Torx wont work unless you dont mind stripping your screw head.

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Depending on which one it is, It might be a hex key. this isn't a good idea but if you dont plan to reuse this, you can use a flat head screwdriver and jam it in there and get it out, or use a Dremel or even a hacksaw to cut a groove in the head and use a flat heat to get it out. Those will destroy the screws though. I didnt find any info online about them. Gotta love apples proprietary screws

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That does not use the Apple screws. Destroying whatever screw is in there is not a very good idea. Versa used several different types of screws, usually hex. How about posting a picture of it, then we can tell you the correct answer.


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I used the flat head size 3mm from the IFIXIT kit and it worked perfectly without damaging the screws. Not sure why Apple felt the need to do this. Alternatively you can buy the apple Screwdriver from anywhere between $30 - 70 (jokers)

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